Priit Pärna

He's a passionate surfer, currently living in Portugal surfing waves on south west-coast. The idea of Surfzone popped up in his mind somewhere 2011. Agile to tinker with new stuff, not scared to code anything!

Has been working in Skype for 10 years, involved in countless projects, mainly focusing on user interfaces for web and mobile.

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Sven Kirsimäe

Technical references and how to do things right are probably the best friends for that guy. Always wants to know how things are working inside-out. So, just adding a new library to fix a problem fast isn't that easy for him - problems have to be solved for sure! Oh, and he does have kiteboarding gear in his closet (next to skis and diving gear!).

Has a long mobile software development journey behind, currently works as Mobile Engineering Team Lead at Pipedrive.

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Technologies used

Surfzone grow out from a hobby project, where we wanted to use bleeding edge new fancy stuff out there, what would take ages to implement "somewhere else". We are still going into the same route, we love building new and fancy stuff on a thin ice. There's no better progression, than looking into the future!

Surfzone tech chart