The Surfzone app just got a new bag of tricks

Priit Pärna on March 01, 2017
Surfzone android iphone app 2

Check out the latest update for push notifications from friends, improved profiles with a timeline and more.

The oven-fresh iteration now sends notifications, if any of your surfing buddies rate a surf as „Awesome“ in your zone. You’ll know exactly when to get up, grab the stick and „get to da choppah“.

Note that you only get hints from and give to your friends – so that aggros don’t come hogging your swells. 

The second big piece of news is the upgraded user profiles, which now feature your stats, favorite spot and a timeline that displays all the times you went out there (if you choose to broadcast it, of course). Aaaand on top of that, we gave the user interface some extra polish. Neat, right?

Stay stoked and catch those waves!

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